Types of Prayer

Prayingf hands Graphic

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying on the behalf of others. Intercession is not just praying for someone else’s needs. Intercession is praying with the real hope and real intent that God would step in and act for the positive advancement of some specific other person(s) or other entity. It is trusting God to act, even if it’s not in the manner or timing we seek. God wants us to ask, even urgently. It is casting our weakness before God’s strength, and (at its best) having a bit of God’s passion burn in us.

Centering Prayer is a method of “unknowing” prayer. Unknowing because it is a place where we come to meet with God in Silence. All thoughts and images leave making it possible to meet with God as God is. Centering Prayer is an ancient Christian tradition. Centering Prayer is becoming well known and is being practiced throughout the world. Silence is God’s original language. Centering Prayer takes us to this place of silence where we learn its language.

Lectio Divina is ordinarily confined to the slow perusal of sacred scripture, both the Old and New Testaments; it is undertaken not with the intention of gaining information but of using the texts as an aide to contact the living God. There is no special program or technique to this procedure, nor is there a set length of reading that needs to be tackled. A person can linger over even a single word or phrase for an indefinite period of time. However, Lectio divina is often done in these four stages:

1. Lectio – Careful Reading, repetitious recitation of a short text of scripture
2. Meditatio – Meditation, an effort to understand the text and make it personally relevant to yourself in Christ
3. Oratio – Prayer, taken as a personal response to the text, asking for the grace of the text or moving over it toward union with God
4. Contemplatio – Contemplation and understanding of the text…

Prayer Of Praise We praise God when we tell him how wonderful he is. The simplest way of praising him is in the name we call him: Almighty God; Lord Jesus Christ; Lord of Lords; King of Kings. All these names tell God how glorious he is. Many of the psalms in the Book of Psalms are prayers of praise

Prayer Of Thanksgiving or telling God, “thank you”. We thank God for all the wonderful things he does for us. He gives us life; he gives us food, clothing and shelter; he gives us good people in our lives to help us and to take care of us. The simple prayer of giving thanks for our food is called grace.

Prayer Of Confession telling God that we are sorry for what we have done. We tell God we are sorry either when we have hurt one of the people God has created or when we have done some sort of damage to God’s beautiful creation. We tell God what we have done and that we are sorry that we did it.

Prayer Of Supplication or asking for help. We ask God to keep us safe, to give us courage in through tough times or to give us the things we need to be strong and healthy. God always wants to hear from us when we are afraid or in trouble and need help.

When Jesus’ Disciples asked him how to pray, he replied with the prayer we call The Lord’s Prayer.

God gave us all these different types and styles of prayer to use them. A successful prayer life does not rely on one or two, but uses all types of prayer, as moved and led by the Holy Spirit.