“Come to me,all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.”
-Matthew 11:28

When Jesus spoke these words, there were no exceptions to his invitation. To people of all ages, races, genders, and nationalities, to the rich, the poor, the strong, the weak, to those firm in their faith and to those who are searching, questioning and doubting, Jesus just said, “Come”.

At Geneva we want to reflect that reality, so you will find children as an integral part of our church’s life. You will find that we actively seek to be a church that sets up no barriers, but one with opportunities for growth in the Christian faith appropriate for all levels of spiritual maturity. You will find worship that combines time-honored traditions with fresh, new ways of expressing the Christian faith. So welcome. Please take some time to look around and get to know us.

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New Classes Forming – begins the week of September 10

9:00 AM Sundays: The Sermon on the Mount
Some of the most challenging teachings of Jesus come from the Sermon on the Mount. Over the course of church history, these teachings have been either misunderstood, misapplied, softened, or simply ignored. Often, when confronted with the clear teaching, for example, to love your enemies, we hear the excuse, “That would be ideal, in a perfect world!” But in a perfect world, there would be no need to love enemies, because there would be no enemies. Jesus wasn’t talking about pie-in-the-sky principles for some future perfect time, but very practical ways his followers need to live day by day if they want to be examples of the kingdom of God in an IMPERFECT world. So, bring a Bible and we’ll dig into Jesus’ blueprint for life as children of God. Led by Bryan Smith.

11:30 AM Sundays: The Good News About Injustice
According to Gary Haugen, the good news about injustice is that God is against it. In his book, Haugen tackles the complex topics of human trafficking, forced prostitution, racial and religious persecution and torture, and offers guidance on how ordinary Christians can rise up to seek justice throughout the world. Join us for an informative, enlightening and provocative discussion. Led by Bryan Smith. Books cost $10.50.

7:00 PM Thursdays: True Self/False Self
“Whoever wants to save their life will lose it. But whoever loses their life for my and for the gospel, will find it.” (Mark 8:35). The need to “die to ourselves” is an essential element in the teachings of Jesus. But what is it exactly that needs to die? And once it does, what is left? What kind of life will we “find”? These are some of the questions we will be tackling on Thursday nights this fall. Join us as we explore, through audio lessons, readings and discussion, what it means to die to the false self that we have created, and what it means to live in the freedom of the true self that God created. Led by Bryan Smith and Cindy Thomas. No book required.

10:00 AM Mondays: For Women (18 and over)
In our modern world we have such full lives. We have full calendars, full closets, full tummies, and full e-mail boxes. However, if we dig down deep inside, we are spiritually empty. Join us we explore what the book of Ecclesiastes has to say about living a life that is full of God’s wisdom. This Bible study meets here at the church on Monday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30, and runs from September 18 – October 23. The book we will be using for this study is called “Ecclesiastes: Wisdom for living Well” by Courtney Joseph and Beverly Wise. The cost per book is $12.

9:00 AM Saturdays: The Screw Tape Letters
Screwtape, an undersecretary in the Lowerarchy of Hell, has undertaken the guidance and tutelage of his nephew Wormwood, who has been assigned a human patient to secure for eternity. In a series of letters, Screwtape guides the young demon through the finer points of temptation. From this very skewed perspective, C. S. Lewis digs into human nature, revealing some interesting, and sometimes embarrassing tendencies. Wit and parody mask a very serious analysis of what makes humans tick; and though it may make readers smile, it will also make us squirm as Screwtape picks at the cracks in our facades. Book cost is $10.00. Led By Rick Miller. We will meet at Geneva or a local restaurant depending on the mood of the day.

Attention Ringers and Singers

Rehearsals for Hand Bells and Vocal Choir will be starting back up on Thursday, September 15, with Bell rehearsal 6:30- 7:45 and Vocal Choir 7:45- 8:45 pm. I have some fun and up lifting music picked for this year, and I can’t wait to get started! As always we welcome anyone (high school age and older) who is interested in serving God through music to join either group. No previous experience is necessary! See Michelle Fabricatore if you have any questions.

Calling All Euchre Players! 

The Geneva Church euchre group is greeting ready to begin our monthly euchre nights! We will meet on the first Saturday of each month, and the fun begins on Saturday, October 7. If you’d like to play, but can’t commit to being a regular, we’d love to have you as a sub! Singles or couples are all welcome Contact the church office if you’d like to join this non-competitive group. If you have any questions about our euchre group, please contact the church office.

Retreat Opportunity – Seminary of the Wild, September 24-26 

It has been said that creation is God’s first Bible. Jesus himself recommended nature as a source of God’s wisdom when he told us to “consider the birds of the air.” Nature speaks in a way that nothing else can, and it has the power to bring insight and healing when we listen to its ancient voice. Join us on 24-26 as we spend some time listening deeply and learning what God has to speak to our souls through the beauty of his creation. For more information click here. 

Disaster Assistance

As our nation continues to reel under the onslaught of several major hurricanes, we know all of you have been praying for those who have been and continue to be in harm’s way. While prayer is also something that has great value, we also wanted to let you know of a way to give financially to help those in need. Our denomination’s Presbyterian Disaster Assistance provides excellent support in times of crisis.  You can give to PDA knowing that your money is being used in wise ways to help God’s children. For more information visit the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance page. 

Calling All Crafters!

We would like to start a group that makes Birthday cards for our members. We will meet at Geneva at 1:00 PM on the 3rd Tuesday each month beginning on Sept.19th. If you haven’t made cards before that’s OK we will be happy to show you how. If you are an experienced card maker that is wonderful. We can use your ideas and experience. We have card making supplies so just bring yourself. This will be a fun afternoon and a good way of caring for the members of our congregation. Please join us!!   Contact the church office to sign up or for more information.