“Come to me,all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest.”
-Matthew 11:28

When Jesus spoke these words, there were no exceptions to his invitation. To people of all ages, races, genders, and nationalities, to the rich, the poor, the strong, the weak, to those firm in their faith and to those who are searching, questioning and doubting, Jesus just said, “Come”.

At Geneva we want to reflect that reality, so you will find children as an integral part of our church’s life. You will find that we actively seek to be a church that sets up no barriers, but one with opportunities for growth in the Christian faith appropriate for all levels of spiritual maturity. You will find worship that combines time-honored traditions with fresh, new ways of expressing the Christian faith. So welcome. Please take some time to look around and get to know us.

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Pokémon Go!
Are you playing Pokemon Go or know someone who is? Come visit the Pokéstop at Geneva!

Sunday Morning Classes began Sunday, September 11.

At 9:00 AM

The Book of Acts Bible Study Being the Church of Jesus Christ authentically has never been easy, but there are times when it seems to be more challenging than others. We seem to be in such a time here in the early years of the 21st century. This fall the Sunday Morning Bible Study will be taking a look at how the fledgling Church navigated the dangers it faced both from inside and outside, and we’ll learn what the Holy Spirit is saying to us through their experiences. Bring a Bible, a seeking mind, and an open heart! Led by Pastor Bryan Smith.

Good Sense Budget Course This six-week course can help relieve the crushing stress and anxiety cause by consumer debt, restore marriages torn by conflicts over money, heal wounded self-esteem and shattered confidence resulting from poor financial decisions, and remove stumbling blocks to spiritual growth. More than just a learning experience about budgets and finances, this course enables participants to reflect on their relationship to money and how it impacts their relationship to God. No matter what the circumstances – financial crisis or abundance – Good Sense can help us to discover how to become a diligent earner, generous giver, wise saver, cautious debtor and prudent consumer; learn how to resist the pull of culture draw closer to the mind and heart of God; and experience the joy of becoming financially faithful as well as financially free. Participants’ guides cost $12 each. Led by Jeff Foust. 

At 11:30 AM

God’s Politics As we enter the months before the November election, what better time to take a look at American politics from a biblical perspective? It is so easy to think that our ideological choice is between Republican and Democrat, right or left, progressive or conservative. But is there another perspective? In his book, God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It author Jim Wallis offers a clarion call to make both our religious communities and our government more accountable to the key values of the prophetic Christian tradition. Books cost $12.00. Electronic version is available through Amazon.com as well. Led by Pastor Bryan Smith.

Reflections on the Psalms C.S. Lewis shares his ruminations on both the form and the meaning of selected Psalms. Characteristically graceful and lucid, Lewis cautions that the Psalms were originally written as songs that should now be read in the spirit of lyric poetry rather than as doctrinal treatises or sermons. In the introduction he explains “I write for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned myself.” We shall follow his lead. This is not a book study but an experiment where we shall reflect on the Psalms as poetry, as songs, and as prayer using his book as a guide. Join us as we, the unlearned, reflect on the Psalms. The book cost is $11. Led by Rick Miller:

On Thursday Evenings at 7:00 PM beginning September 15

Let Your Life Speak “Is the life I am living the life that wants to live in me?” asks author Parker Palmer at the beginning of his book, Let Your Life Speak. Christian theology says that each and every human being comes into the world stamped in a unique way with the image of God. But as we grow and interact with other people and culture, that image gets buried under all the conditions and should that are imposed upon us from the outside. But our God-given life continues to try to emerge. It’s there calling to us, of only we would listen. Join us for this six-week class as we learn to listen to the voice of our own life as it calls you to live out the life you were created to live. Print books cost $13. Electronic copies available through Amazon.com for $10.99. Led by Cindy Thomas.

New Handbell and Vocal Choirs starting up!
Attention Ringers and Singers:
Our new season of Hand bell Choir and Vocal Choir will be starting soon! New music has been ordered, and I’m excited to begin rehearsals! We are looking for new members for each group. No musical background required, just a heart that longs to serve God through music. I’ll teach you the rest! Both groups are open to anyone high school age and older. We will have an organizational meeting on Thursday, September 22 at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. Please join us in praise to our God! Contact Michelle Fabricatore at the church office if you have any questions.